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About Requiem Shark"Strong characterizations and realistic relationships help make this shark tale a satisfying, accomplished read." - Kirkus

On the back of this new book from Outskirts Press it says “FICTION Action/Adventure,” and that’s what it is—a sea yarn with likeable characters, an exotic setting, and (of course) a shark.


Burnette's story is heavily indebted to Jaws, which Burnette makes explicit with repeated callbacks to the 1975 Steven Spielberg movie and the original 1974 Peter Benchley novel. He tells it with confidence, allowing the action to rise from his nuanced characterizations rather than by forcing plot contrivances on readers. Each character...has plausible traits and fears, and Burnette writes with a surety that allows the people to drive the story. Strong characterizations and realistic relationships help make this shark tale a satisfying, accomplished read.

- Kirkus


Requiem Shark by W.E. Burnette is a complex novel including diligent research, satiric parody, humor, imaginative creative writing, superb character development, and a well told story. Reminiscent of Peter Benchley's best seller novel, Jaws, Burnette captures the imagination of the reader in this action adventure novel from the first paragraph of page one right through to the final paragraph of the epilogue.



I very much enjoyed Requiem Shark. Author W.E. Burnette has done a fantastic job in creating characters that his readers will enjoy, relate to, and will continue to think about long after they've put the book down for the final time. Any reader who enjoys fiction chock full of adventure, thrills and excitement, coupled with great character development or a simply good read, will love Requiem Shark. I recommend this book, and will certainly be keeping my eye out for any new work by author W.E. Burnette. If it's anything like Requiem Shark it will certainly be on my must-read list!

- Reader's Favorites


W. E. Burnette has been a soldier, a teacher, and a marketing writer. A native of Bee Tree, North Carolina, he currently lives in Boulder Creek, California, and works in Silicon Valley, writing fiction in his spare time.