W. E. Burnette

Christmas in Sunny California

The parents were nestled all snug in their beds. And the children were up well past midnight, with toys to deliver. At least that’s the way it was for one family, one Christmas morning in sunny California where it never looks a lot like Christmas. Well, almost never. Christmas in Sunny California is a warm-hearted and light-hearted story—and a quick, fun read for the busy holiday season. (But it should probably be rated PG, because it questions the existence of you know who.)

On the fortieth anniversary of Jaws, a new shark swims onto bookstore shelves.
Literary Fiction
History, historical pageantry, and history in the making entwine in this novel about Civil War reenactors in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
A Christmas gift for book lovers and a Christmas book for Christmas lovers.
Science Fiction
I grew up sitting on porches in Western North Carolina listening to ghost stories, and no place ever lent itself more to the mysterious, the magical, and the spooky. I'm trying to channel childhood memories into something that does justice to the feeling those firefly-lit evenings with the mist floating up out of the hollows evoked.

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